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“Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton story” will be a culmination of 3 months of work to produce a story detailing the life and legacy of Ruby Sutton, who passed away in 2015. Over the course of the creation of the film, we will be operating this blog and posting insight, polls, and vlogs about social justice movements and the people that power them.

We will strive to share the truth and important information, while also motivating, educating, and provoking meaningful discussion. Our blog is where you’ll find stories about topics such as racial division, LGBTQ rights, poverty and economic injustice, as well as lessons that we learn along the way.

As we continue to piece together Ruby Sutton’s story and build our blog, we will also create content with breaking news and events so that our readers will have a resource for timely information regarding our cause. Along with current information, our website will be home to a resource library with helpful books, movies, articles, and other websites hand-picked by our organization members and experts interviewed for “Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton Story”.

We invite you to subscribe to our blog, bookmark us, and follow us on social media to join us on our journey. We look forward to growing along with you as we take on this new challenge. Thanks for reading!

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