Senior Capstone Reflection: Kendall

My does time fly! As this semester is coming to a close, it is amazing to think of all that was accomplished this semester. In a normal year, the journalism & communication capstone can be a lot, but adding a pandemic on top of things added many new challenges. Filming a majority of interviews over Zoom, meeting with our group in a safe way and gathering enough b-roll to fill our documentary were just some of the accommodations we had to make. And while this was the case, I am excited for everyone to see the final project and how we were able to overcome these obstacles.

As the team’s graphic designer, I was able to completely shape the look and feel of our team’s content. I was able to create Ace Media’s logo and overall branding, as well as shape the look and feel of our documentary. Seeing the movie poster for “Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton Story” all over campus adds a sense of joy in my day knowing people are able to see my hard work in action.

The most challenging part of creating our poster was actually using Sutton in the poster. She was the type of person who did not like to be in front of the camera, but rather be doing the hard work needed for social change. Because of this, we decided to go for a more storytelling approach, using an image of the Ruby Sutton Building, a picture of her in action, and a map of Dubuque, Iowa.

This semester has taught me a lot of lessons, including adaptability and patients. It is neat that we have tangible items that we can take with us, remembering the lessons we have learned and to look back on fondly on our senior capstone.

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