Senior Capstone Reflection: Kaylin

Now that our winter semester is coming to a close and with that, the premiere of our documentary, “Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton Story,” I am reflecting on our group’s work this semester and how the pandemic restrictions affected the progress of our documentary compared to a normal academic semester. We were fortunate to have such a robust subject for our film that made our documentary even more touching to piece together. While working as the team’s co-videographer and special effects director, I had the opportunity to showcase our subject visually in a way that best represented her story.

The pandemic restrictions that were placed on us presented different challenges as well as unique approaches to piecing a documentary together. For example, most of our interviews happened via zoom, but our team approached this with a creative mindset in by which we filmed our zoom interviews on a large screen instead in a similar inspiration format to the show, “60 Minutes.” The most challenging aspect of our documentary was planning out trips to our subject’s town she resided in, as well as contacting her living family members as possible interview subjects. Our deadline seemed to come at us hard as our semester also had no break this year and so we powered through other coursework loads as well as time managing when to do certain tasks that would complete our documentary.

This process has taught me how to think fast when situations don’t go as planned and how to creatively maneuver pandemic restrictions while still producing a documentary that best represented our subject. I am so proud of this team and our efforts to come together to produce a film about Ruby Sutton.

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