Senior Capstone Reflection: Kayla

by Kayla Marthaler, Wartburg College ’21

My senior capstone was spent online and 200 miles away from my college. At the beginning of the school year, I made the choice to attend classes remotely due to my risk-factors for COVID-19. Wartburg College is located in Waverly, IA and I live across state lines in Cambridge, MN. This presented a lot of challenges for myself, and the other Ace Media members.

Throughout the semester, my teammates were incredibly accommodating: keeping me in the loop, having regular Zoom sessions, giving me a workload that I could complete remotely and so much more. I could not have asked to be in a better capstone group.

I am the digital producer for Ace Media, and, as such, I made the website, wrote for and posted on the blog, and managed Ace Media’s social media pages. Before this year, I had zero experience doing any of these things, so I kind of dove right into the deep end. It was a difficult adjustment to make because I had to learn almost everything from scratch.

The most difficult part of being the digital producer was creating our website, I decided to make this task extra hard by starting with a blank WordPress site (I thought that I wanted more creative liberty with the design).

It took hours upon hours to create a functioning layout, and then I had to adjust the fonts, colors, menu styles, formatting, and what seems like a million other things. After I had finally created a product that I was proud of, the database of my site got corrupted. To fix that problem, I had to restore the site to an earlier version and repeat the process all over again.

Although tedious and time-consuming, I very much enjoyed the process. Despite all of the stress, sleepless nights, and hardships that this semester threw at me, I discovered a new passion.

While I still have a lot of work to do and progress to make in this new art form, I am overjoyed looking at the leaps and bound that I, and the rest of Ace Media, have made in the last three months.

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