Senior Capstone Reflection: Ethan

Wow, this semester has been a whirlwind. Any semester will have its ups and downs, its challenges and pleasures, trials and tribulations. But there’s nothing that could have quite prepared me for taking the Wartburg College Journalism & Communication Capstone class during a global pandemic. 

But here we are, on the other side. Not only did we at Ace Media start with a solid topic, but we managed to create a 15 minute documentary that did her justice. And I can honestly say that it would not have come out so well if we didn’t have such a solid team that worked so well together, even through all of the challenges, trips and reshoots we had to overcome to get there. 

And for me, specifically, this was an excellent opportunity to flex and develop my creative skills as a film editor (with input from my team, of course!) We made the decision very early on to use Blackmagic Design’s Davinci Resolve editing software to organize, edit and paint our film exactly as we wanted. Resolve is program that I was already very comfortable with, but with this being the longest project I’ve ever edited with it I can now say that I have a firm grasp of how to use it in a creative and efficient way. It’s also a free(!) program to download and is very powerful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at filmmaking. 

And once again, I’d like to thank the wonderful team that made this all possible. Everyone did an excellent job of carrying equal weight in reaching out to people to get the true story of Ruby Sutton’s life, as well as finding and shooting footage that accurately reflected how we wanted to tell that story. 

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