Introducing Our Team: Videographer

Thank you for reading Ace Media’s newest blog post. Last week, we began introducing each member of the Ace Media team— you can check out our last post introducing our copywriter and producer here:

Today, we will be introducing the first of Ace Media’s two videographers.

  • Name:
    • Ethan Pfaltzgraff
  • Hometown:
    • Readlyn, IA
  • Wartburg Campus Involvement:
    • Knight Vision, Knight Vision Films, DJC Student Engineer, Wartburg Esports
  • Role:
    • Co-videographer and rough cut editor; Along with the equally talented Kaylin Muggler, I will be filming all of our interviews and collecting b-roll for our documentary, as well as assembling the initial story cuts of the documentary.
  • Favorite Card Game:
    • Dutch blitz

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