Introducing Our Team: Videographer

Thank you for reading Ace Media’s newest blog post. Last week, we began introducing each member of the Ace Media team— you can check out our last post introducing our copywriter and producer here:

Today, we are delighted to be introducing one of our videographers!

  • Name:
    • Kaylin Muggler
  • Hometown:
    • West Union, Iowa
  • Campus Involvement:
    • I am a student photographer and videographer for Wartburg College’s marketing and communication office. I am also heavily involved in Wartburg College Dance Marathon as their multimedia executive as well as the videography executive for Wartburg’s student run marketing agency, Tower Agency.
  • Role for Capstone Project:
    • Co-videographer and VFX editor for Ace Media. I work on the videography, lighting, and editing of the film, coordinate with our graphic designer, and direct the music and sound design.
  • What you are looking forward to the most for this semester/capstone as a whole:
    • I am most looking forward to having one last go-round with a team that has made the Department of Journalism and Communication at Wartburg College feel like a family environment. I cannot wait to see everyone’s hard earned talents be put into our project and to watch my fellow members grow throughout this process.
  • Favorite Card Game:
    • War

Connect with Kaylin at

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