Introducing Our Team: Project Manager

Thank you for reading Ace Media’s newest blog post. Our first post focused on Ace Media as a whole, but for the next two weeks, we will be individually introducing the team members of Ace Media every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today we are excited to be introducing our project manager!


  • Name:
    • Alex Buchheim
  • Major and/or minor:
    • Journalism and Communication with emphases in both public relations and digital cinema
  • Role at Ace Media:
    • Project Manager; I wear many different hats, helping as needed and doing a lot of the planning and organizing for our team for all interviews, shooting, and anything else that needs some form of communication outside of our team.
  • Hometown:
    • DeForest, WI
  • Wartburg Campus involvement:
    • Student Director of the Sir Victor Program, Co-Fundraising Director WCDM13, Large Event Coordinator for ETK, Orientation Leader.
  • What I’m looking forward to the most for this next semester/capstone as a whole:
    • I think I’m most excited for telling this story and everything that we’ve learned before. Ruby Sutton is an incredibly interesting person who’s story deserves to be told and we want to do her right with our film. We’re really excited as a team to take this on and show everyone how amazing this woman was. I think that, personally, I’m really excited to watch the talents of this team show up throughout this project. We’re all very talented in different ways and seeing everyone be “in their element” is very cool especially being able to interact with them and be a part of that process.
  • My favorite card game:
    • As a true Wisconsinite, Euchre for sure. Can’t go wrong with a game that’s so quick and easy to pick up.

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