Introducing Our Team: Copywriter/ Producer

Thank you for reading Ace Media’s newest blog post. We recently began introducing each member of the Ace Media team— you can read our last post introducing our graphic designer here:

Today, we are excited to be introducing our Copywriter/Producer!

  • Name: 
    • Alexa Ganzeveld
  • Hometown: 
    • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Wartburg Campus Involvement: 
    • PRSSA, Wartburg Tower Agency, and Neumann Technical Theater Staff.
  • Role: 
    • Copywriter and Producer; I will be managing the production of the documentary from start to finish, preparing and conducting interviews, leading project research, logging and writing the script, serving as a proofreader for all materials, and providing feedback for graphics and web designs created by my team members.
  • Favorite Card Game: 
    • Garbage

View Alexa’s portfolio at

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