Implicit Eurocentric Beauty Standards

Eurocentric beauty standards are the European beauty standards that are defined as a person with European features. These attributes include lighter skin and straight hair. The form of beauty standard that Eurocentric opinion describes is considered to be normal and more superior to others.

Moving forward into modern days of venturing into other forms of radical self-love, there have been seven proven ways to resist these one-sided standards and evolve from a seemingly toxic mindset. It is also important to note that even if one fits into all of these categories that revolve around this standard, there is nothing wrong with those individuals, it is just the toxic mindset that all women should conform to this appearance of beauty.

The first step in moving towards disregarding these standards is identifying the historic attributes of limited beauty standards throughout history. Unfortunately, there has been a “default” human wired into our brains through the shows we watch and the books we have read while growing up as children.

The problem with Eurocentric beauty standards lies within creating a world of fetishizing other cultures and those who are different than the normal standard that has been set up. A positive step moving towards the radicalization of these standards is creating a space that people everywhere understand that there is no normal standard of beauty and everyone is unique in their own way.

Redefining the beauty standard has been moved toward a step to positive affirmations about what beauty really is, and that it does not just have to be about physical features.

Maya Gittelman, writer for states that beauty is becoming a definition of what good qualities and characteristics we have about ourselves rather than what our physical features represent and appear to be.

Maya Gittelman-

By becoming more aware of the multitude of qualities that can be defined as beautiful, we can begin to see change that separates our thinking about the initial past toxic romanticizing of certain European beauty attributes and can hope to see a change in a less toxic beauty standard in the future.

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