Filming a documentary during a pandemic

While COVID-19 has brought numerous challenges across occupations, Ace Media has worked to find solutions to many of the conflicts that a pandemic has brought to those in the field of journalism.

Ace Media takes precautions when gathering in a space. When we have meetings, we ensure that everyone is wearing a mask and social distancing. When we are in the editing suites, we have one person at the computer and editing while others watch from a distance and give feedback. This helps to slow the spread of COVID-19 while working to produce the most effective work given the circumstances.

During the interview process, many interviewees are unable to meet in person. This creates challenges to meet virtually over Zoom. Technical difficulties are inevitable, and Wi-Fi issues or low-quality webcams are common. We work diligently to overcome any audio or visual problems that may occur. The story is the most important part of our documentary. By creating a powerful message first, we have prioritized the message and the lasting impression that our documentary will leave on its viewers.

For our in-person interviews, we made sure that our interviewees were comfortable to have our team visit with them. Ace Media made the executive decision to not use microphones that attached to the interviewee’s clothing. Instead, we used a mounted microphone that was a distance away from the interviewee. This prevents the interviewee from touching our equipment and prevents our team from being too close.

Throughout the semester, Ace Media has learned a lot about how to work together and how to find ways to make a quality documentary in a safe way. By wearing masks and social distancing, we are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 on Wartburg’s campus, in the Waverly community, and to those we interview.

Watch a short video about how we film during a pandemic

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